Academic Integrity Technology

Academic Assessment that captures your style, continuously

Open Proctor helps instructors and academic administrators align learner identities with the work they do. Its patent-pending method and technology provides a non-intrusive, privacy preserving and automated process for validating identity and authorship in the distance, belended, and traditional learning environments. Open Proctor is a cloud application that analyzes patterns in the learner-produced artifacts, in order to deliver continuous or on-demand assurance of learner identity and authorship veracity.

Your Learning, Your Way

Accessible Learning

OpenProctor is a cloud-based application, designed with accessibility in mind. Assessments are always available and are easy as uploading a document. There are no scheduling arrangements to make. There are no video cameras or special hardware to acquire. Just focus on what you do best and leave academic integrity assurance to us.

Privacy-Preserving Assessments

OpenProctor offers learner-centered and non-intrusive academic integrity assurance. There are no human proctors, web cams, environment controls, or a need to share your computer screen. It is up to the student to choose how and when to learn, using the technology and style the student feels comfortable using. OpenProctor does the rest.

Automated Assurance

Open Proctor is a cloud application. This means no software installation and maintenance is required. The analytics and decision making engine examines patterns in learner-produced content (textual, aural and visual) and delivers continuous or on-demand assurance of learner identity and authorship veracity.

OpenProctor Demonstration